SendIt Send-off

Sunsetting SendIt.Finance & Open Sourcing the Codebase

We launched SendIt in May 2021 as a #SolanaSeason hackathon project with the goal of onboarding people unfamiliar with crypto to the world of DeFi while also learning about the needs of the Solana ecosystem. We earned an honorable mention for our efforts and had a great time hacking on Solana in the process but now it’s time to sunset the project and brain dump everything we’ve learned so the community can benefit from our research and use it to strengthen your own Solana projects. Today we are announcing the following:

  1. Deprecation of

  2. Open Sourcing the SendIt Codebase

SendIt.Finance Website Deprecated

Effective today, we are deprecating No new features will be developed by the SendIt team. The site will continue running until December 31, 2021, at which point, it will be shut down. In the meantime, we recommend switching to Phantom, Symmetry, or Step as replacements.

Why? We’ve learned a lot about the Solana ecosystem’s current needs and feel strongly that wallets and dashboards are a solved problem. Phantom is the runaway leader and other projects like Symmetry and Step are fulfilling related needs. Instead of continuing to invest in these areas, we are moving our focus towards new unsolved problems in the Solana ecosystem. SendIt, in its current form, is no longer moving forward. A new product vision under a new brand is on the way - Alice, Barry, Chad, and Ender will stay forever pseudonymous.

Open Source

Engineers, here lie the goodies. Feel free to read, fork, learn, copy and share. Each project is MIT licensed so feel free to use it as appropriate.

The website is a static Next.js app hosted on AWS. Solana-garage is a repository full of reusable Solana utility methods we shared between our website and the non-open source API backend repository. We hope open-sourcing this work will help you learn, meet and achieve your own product vision.

That’s all Folks!

It’s been a blast. We love seeing all the innovation going on in the Solana ecosystem and are excited to continue building in a new direction.

From all the Senders, sayōnara!