Launching FTX Pay Support

Deposit fiat or crypto from FTX to your SendIt Account!

Let’s face it, depositing your legacy cash into DeFi is a painful process. However, centralized exchanges like FTX are great on-ramps for your local currency which can then be converted to cryptocurrency.

FTX also happens to have a payment product — FTX Pay — where you can send/receive cryptocurrency from anyone and anywhere, including your SendIt wallet!

Today, we’re excited to launch support for FTX Pay — the easiest way to fund your Solana wallet. We believe DeFi should be frictionless, and integrations like these are the first step of many towards this future.

Take a look at how fast and easy it is to send funds to your Solana wallet:

A few clicks, and presto!

Ready to try it out? Hop on over to to take it for a spin, then join us on Twitter, Discord or Telegram to share your feedback with us.

Just Send It!