Introducing Solana Staking Support

SendIt.Finance portfolio adds Solana staking

Hungry to see how your Solana stake is performing but unhappy with the current staking visualization tools? We’ve got you covered - try the SendIt Portfolio to get a taste of all your staking accounts.

Starting today, you can login to SendIt to see your Solana staking accounts right alongside Raydium stake accounts. View your amount staked, earned rewards, APR/APY, and the total current value of all your stake accounts in one central place. In addition, our unique cross-device portfolio visualization has been enhanced to reflect these welcome new additions so you can make sure your portfolio is Sending ✅ wherever you go.

New to staking?

We’ve all been there - here’s a little guidance to get going: Staking is the act of pledging your tokens to a protocol to help improve security, and as a reward, earn more protocol tokens. For a long-term Solana holder, it’s a strategy which allows you to help improve the network while increasing your total amount of tokens. For a more in-depth look at staking in general, hop on over to this post by ChorusOne, one of Solana’s staking validators.

New Features

  • 💥 Now displaying all Solana stake accounts created using the standard account seed convention or created via Solflare

  • ⌛ Progressive, incremental loading to support stakers with multiple accounts

  • 📈 Included in our cross-device portfolio history visualization via our SendIt Wallet

  • 🏦 Total Solana stake account lifetime APR/APY and rewards calculations

  • 🧮 Side-by-side with your Raydium staking

Get involved

  • Haven’t started staking yet? We recommend reading the official Solana docs.

  • Are you a Solana app that helps holders create and delegate staking accounts? Let us know if you’re using a custom account seed so your customers can also easily manage their portfolio with SendIt.

Just Gonna Send It

SendIt is here to make DeFi easy. Login today to find out how much you’ve earned from staking your Solana, then join us on TwitterDiscord or Telegram to share your feedback with us.

Happy Sending!