Get Ready to SendIt

DeFi is hard. When people enter DeFi for the first time with the promise of high APYs and the future of finance, they often leave discouraged by the complexity. To reach a wider audience, user experience becomes paramount. If everyone plays, we all win.

Introducing SendIt

Born out of the Solana Hackathon ‘21, SendIt is a cross-device, mobile-first portfolio viewer for Solana. With a few clicks, you get a full-view of your token holdings, farming/staking positions, portfolio history, and soon, much more.

For DeFi to achieve its full potential, transactions must be competitive in both speed and cost relative to traditional finance. For this reason, we chose Solana. The Solana blockchain is capable of Visa-level throughput at 50,000+ transactions per second while offering transaction fees at fractions of a penny. In contrast, Ethereum only supports just 10 transactions per second at fees of several dollars (to hundreds of dollars at peak capacity). With this in mind, Solana is the clear path forward for DeFi.

Our vision with SendIt is to make DeFi easy. That means getting to yield as quickly as possible, using familiar terms and the fewest clicks. DeFi is transformational technology, but we must bring the broader population along for the ride to global adoption.

Curve pools, liquidity mining, backwardation, impermanent loss — these words drive away the general population, and should be used sparingly and with helpful explanations. SendIt gives you DeFi with a just a tinge of Degen — not enough to scare anyone away, but just enough to get ‘em hooked.

What We’ve Built

Today we’re launching our cross-device, mobile-friendly Solana portfolio history visualizer and SendIt Wallet. We know you’re often on the go and need your financial tools right there with you, so visit and login using the SendIt Wallet to get an historical view of your Solana portfolio’s performance over time from any device.

DeFi and web3 are nascent technologies and as such, many experiences we’ve come to enjoy with web2 are not yet solved problems. For example, storing customer data securely off-chain is not a feature offered by today’s Solana wallets. To provide our cross-device portfolio viewer, we needed a way to encrypt and store your data securely in the cloud without allowing anyone but you, the wallet owner, to be able to decrypt it. That’s why we’ve created our custom wallet, a fork of Sollet, to add data encryption and decryption capabilities. When you login with the SendIt Wallet, you’re asked to approve a transaction to create an account. This approval allows us to encrypt the current value of your portfolio and store it in the cloud. Nobody else can decrypt this data, not even us, without you logging in with the SendIt Wallet and approving the decryption transaction for display. You alone can view your portfolio data.

If you aren’t interested in the portfolio history feature, SendIt also supports the multitude of other Solana wallets including Ledger, Phantom, Sollet, Bonfida, Solong and MathWallet.

Regardless of which wallet you use to login, we also display your:

  • Total portfolio value

  • Current token positions

  • Current Raydium farming positions

  • Current Raydium staking positions

The Road Ahead

DeFi is just getting started, but we aren’t. The SendIt founders have over 60 years of software development experience behind them and are hungry to bring Solana and DeFi from today’s enthusiasts to the rest of the world. Here are some things to look forward to, with much more in the works:

Q3 2021

  • Development, testing and launch of SendIt Savings Accounts

  • Add standard Solana staking to portfolio viewer

  • Add Solflare staking to portfolio viewer

  • FTX Pay integration

Q4 2021

  • Further integration with the Solana ecosystem

  • Ethereum onboarding

  • Trading

Get Involved

If you want to know more about SendIt, visit us on Discord, Telegram, Twitter or GitHub to join in on the conversation.